Tired of living in a city and need some more freedom?

Resources for "off grid living" continue to grow across the internet ... and today we're taking a look at the "Freedom Farmers" bundle.

This bundle helps you explore the self sufficient lifestyle of raising animals, growing crops, and making money off the grid.

Highlights of the Freedom Farmers bundle include building a profitable micro greens business and selling these crops at farmers markets.

Additionally, the Freedom Farmers also offer principles, methods, and innovative techniques for homestead farming through other resources like their streaming app and free resources.

Current reviews of the "Freedom Farmers" bundle report that you can learn how to start your own small farm.

Or you can start small growing your own microgreens.

Do you want a hobby farm or a money-making homestead?

Whether you fall into the category of an experienced homesteader or you simply want to learn how to grow food (aka hobby farm) to sell at the local farmers market, this bundle covers many of the details you need to know.

In this review, we will take a look at the resources provided about buying land safely, growing food year-round, managing pests, keeping livestock healthy—and much more.

Get excited by the idea of owning land that you can call your own while utilizing old-fashioned ways of providing fresh organic produce as well as products such as eggs and dairy products!

Invite nature into life while creating a self sustaining lifestyle with low overhead cost - all at your fingertips.

What is homesteading farming?

Establishing a homestead farm is the practice of self-sustained living, in which you produce and manufacture your own food.

To become successful at the homesteading lifestyle requires knowledge of land management, food production, animal husbandry, natural building techniques, and renewable energy sources.

It's a lot.

That's why many homesteaders tend to get their feet wet learning how to produce food on the grid before they move to their own land.

The real key to success is finding an experienced mentor or group of resources that can help you navigate the challenges that come with establishing a farm and creating income.

Homesteads are Generally Much Smaller than Farms

If you're trying to decide between a farm or homestead, let's break down the main difference between the two.

Homesteads are typically less than 10 acres in size, with some homesteaders having only an acre or two of land.

This makes it easier to get started, as you don't have to manage a larger area of land and don't need as much equipment.

How much land you need depends on what type of homesteading you are doing.

What's the difference between homesteads and hobby farms?

Farmers with hobby farms often have traditional jobs. They farm because they enjoy farming, but their livelihood does not depend solely on farm income.

Hobby farmers enjoy the pace of rural life.

They want to learn how to grow food in a vegetable garden but do not intend to become "food producers" for others.

Hobby farmers may participate in other homesteading activities and may raise animals but their goal is not to become self-sufficient.

Homesteaders, on the other hand, raise livestock with the dual goal of producing food for their families and to generate income.

You'll need more land if you want to grow crops.

What is the difference between homesteading and farming?

Homesteaders are focused on producing food and other materials from their land without relying on outside sources.

This sometimes include making your own clothes!

Farming, on the other hand, is the commercial production of crops or livestock for sale in markets.

Freedom Farmers helps you find the right-fit farm for you

On their website, the Freedom Farmers offer a quiz to help you find the right starting point.

The quiz interests range from small scale rural farming to learning about lettuce.

(Which is an excellent way to contrast the differences between a farm or homestead!)

Once you identify your knowledge level, Freedom Farmers gives you the option to watch a free video about becoming food secure.

Additionally, they send you a follow up email to recommend a path to self sufficiency while utilizing free resources on their Netflix-like farm channel, FromTheField.tv/catalog.

A farm generates money by producing from the land

When you start from a commercialized societal perspective, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to growing your own food.

There are so many different pieces of information out there, and it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what you need to do in order to get started.

This is where the Freedom Farmers Courses Bundle stands out.

This bundle includes 14 e-courses that will teach you everything you need to know about growing your own food and making money on your land:

Pros and cons of the homesteading life lineup from Freedom Farmers


  • These guys have a whole range of resources and courses to help you transform your kitchen garden business into a money-making machine!
  • For the beginner, it's important to understand how to raise chickens, grow crops and learn how to create extra income.
  • Many people interested in hobby farming or living off of their own land via food production will find a lot of value in these courses.


  • It's important to note that this approach to homesteading is the lowest return for the high efforts required.
  • Handmade tasks like soap making and growing food takes time and hands on work. This type of home based business can be tough to scale.
  • Passive income strategies like how to automate and systemize your business or using trendy concepts like glamping are missing.
  • Generating a full time income to support your homestead or small farm is critical to living completely off grid.

What you don't know could end up costing you more in the end

Many aspiring homesteaders lack business training and a business plan to buy and develop land.

That's why it's so important to find a course that helps you with the business aspects of homesteading.

In Freedom Farmers, there appears to be a significant amount of overlap in the course offerings - and business is not the primary focus.

For instance, there are multiple options for courses on similar topics, such as pastured poultry and raising pigs.

There's not a holistic overview of other livestock options that could be more profitable than raising chickens or pigs.

In fact, the Freedom Farmers brand is best known for their microgreens course.

Microgreens can be a profitable farming enterprise, but it's also labor intensive.

Which means you'll still spend a lot of time working versus enjoying your self sufficient lifestyle in leisure.

Understand and consider your long-term goals for your homestead

Freedom Farmers became famous for their microgreens course.

Here's the story:

Curtis Stone started as an urban farmer and grew microgreens in his garage, later expanding to a greenhouse and making a staggering $200k a year from a small suburban lot.

This showcases their knowledge of the industry and markets, proving that they are experts in this space.

If you want to join the microgreen revolution and produce crops that you can sell at the local farmers market, Freedom Farmers is a perfect fit for you.

Eventually, Curtis Stone sold his business and hired other marketers to help him sell the microgreens course.

They've partnered with other small farmers and homesteaders to create this bundle.

Now, Curtis lives off the grid and does education around self sufficient living.

What about your own land?

At this time, Freedom Farmers doesn't bridge the gap between small homesteads and purchasing land and installing permaculture systems.

Courses like Living The Off Grid Dream address this gap in the market.

They assist those with an off the grid dream to buy land through smart acquisition and funding strategies.

What is Subsistence Agriculture?

This is a self-sufficient type of farming in which small-scale farmers use the land to produce enough food for their own families, with little or no surplus left for sale.

This type of farming is especially common in regions where land is scarce, as it allows people to survive on limited resources.

Typically, subsistence farmers focus their efforts on cultivating staple crops such as rice, wheat, maize and millet.

They may also supplement their diets with fruits and vegetables from home gardens, as well as livestock including chickens, goats and pigs.

Subsistence farming typically relies heavily on manual labor, making it difficult to increase output beyond what can support a single household.

Final thoughts on Freedom Farmers online courses

Freedom Farmers target market is who they refer to as "small scale farmers".

If you're looking for a thorough program that includes how to raise animals like pigs and chickens, the Freedom Farmers bundle is an adequate resource for your needs.

However, if you want a cost benefit analysis of which animals to start with (pigs, chickens, cows, bison, ) and a strategy to do so, you won't find it in the Freedom Farmers course.

Freedom Farmers does have an interesting resource, "From the Field TV", which is basically a Netflix for first time small scale farmers and homesteaders.

From The Field TV offers tutorial videos beyond YouTube - but it's not actionable advice on which you implement and receive feedback.

Similar to Netflix, you watch it and what do you do with it? Not a whole lot.

Where to find actionable strategies for off grid living

The Living The Off Grid Dream program employs a hands-on approach to learning, with personalized plans known as playbooks.

Viewers will not only watch for entertainment, but will also receive the necessary theory and practical steps to take action and see results.

The tips offered go beyond just milking a cow or creating a community garden. The program features live Q&As, hundreds of lessons, and a step-by-step process designed to guide participants towards success.

Self-sufficiency and the development of land in a way that generates income without requiring excessive free time or manual labor is taught.

The Living The Off Grid Dream program can be viewed here! livetheoffgriddream.com